Spirits Within

These are the pieces that involve found objects that communicate a story, a feeling, or just plain beautiful strangeness

Sieve Amour - 2016

Sieve Amour is a mixed media sculpture featuring the spirits held within old canning sieves who’ve escaped from their sieve prison for a quick moment to embrace while the cook is on a cigarette break.  The textiles used are upholstery samples and leather which is cut-worked and supported by wire that is sewn by hand to the back of the piece.  The vintage sieves are from the 1930s.  The piece is attached to a platform that is upholstered with a burlap inspired drapery panel sample.  All textiles used were rescued from landfill and repurposed for this piece. 

35” Length x 27” Wide  x 23” Deep

Glimpse - 2016

30” h x 34” w x 2”d

upholstery samples, broken glass, wire, & old picture frame

B-Girl- 2015

B-Girl is a sculpture of of a woman emerging from an old 35mm film can from the 1960s.  She is surrounded by the movie posters that depict the exploitative type films that many Hollywood hopefuls eventually ended up in back in the 1960s.

24" Long x 24" Wide x 23" Deep
Made from repurposed fabrics, wire, film can, & 35mm film

Adaptation - 2015

Adaptation depicts a beautiful fuchsia, black, and white moth emerging from an old (1950s) can of moth poison.  This piece was made using pieces of upholstery fabric were cut, linked together, and sewn using my cut-work technique.  The wings and thorax are fully wired, and the antennae were made by sewing wire to vinyl.   

Life is a constant metamorphosis of one kind or another.  An exhausting cycle of taking what is thrown at you, and making it work.  This moth not only adapted, she became something exquisite.  I plan on doing the same thing.

19” W x 53” L

Upholstery samples, wire, & found object

Marshmallow Demon - 2015

Marshmallow Demon is a cut-worked sculpture that is coming out of a vintage tin form the 1940’s that once held marshmallows.  I found the tin and noticed that the lid have many crude holds in it as if something was inside that had to breath.  I imagined that this thing inside was held captive for so long and now burst out with his marshmallow crown on fire!  The sculpture is made from upholstery samples in colors of oranges, reds, yellows, and some blue.  He is wire throughout and is attached to a gooseneck support internally.  His crown is made from real marshmallows that have been double dipped in glue and then twice encased in clear acrylic.

39” L v 17” W x 10”D

Upholstery fabric, wire, marshmallows, found object base

Guardians of the Hatbox - 2015

The piece was made using repurposed fabric samples, t-shirts, a vintage hatbox, wire, & a handmade 1960's hat that depicts Twiggy images that I encased in a clear plastic brim that was popular during the British fashion explosion in the 60s.  The fabric was manipulated using the cut-work technique to create the textile which is then wired, shaped, and secured to a painted wood platform.  The hatbox is from the 1960s and the hat was handmade using an authentic pattern from the same era. 

I often imagine that my thrift or Ebay purchases contain the spirit of the former owner, or, in the case of Guardians of the Hatbox, it contains a spirit that has evolved from being contained in the item for so long.  The Guardians held within the hatbox have had a mission that they take very seriously.   To protect the hat.  They have even gone so far as to take on the physical aspects of the hat itself.  The 1960s hat has the iconic 1960s Avedon photo of Twiggy with her faced-painted flower.  Looking at the faces of the guardians, you will see that they too have adopted the flower as their sacred totem.  

23" Long x 23" Wide x 20" Deep