Marshmallow Demon

Marshmallow Demon is a cut-worked sculpture that is coming out of a vintage tin form the 1940’s that once held marshmallows.  I found the tin and noticed that the lid have many crude holds in it as if something was inside that had to breath.  I imagined that this thing inside was held captive for so long and now burst out with his marshmallow crown on fire!  The sculpture is made from upholstery samples in colors of oranges, reds, yellows, and some blue.  He is wire throughout and is attached to a gooseneck support internally.  His crown is made from real marshmallows that have been double dipped in glue and then twice encased in clear acrylic.


39” L v 17” W x 10”D

Upholstery fabric, wire, marshmallows, found object base