Guardians of the Hatbox

The piece was made using repurposed fabric samples, t-shirts, a vintage hatbox, wire, & a handmade 1960's hat that depicts Twiggy images that I encased in a clear plastic brim that was popular during the British fashion explosion in the 60s.  The fabric was manipulated using the cut-work technique to create the textile which is then wired, shaped, and secured to a painted wood platform.  The hatbox is from the 1960s and the hat was handmade using an authentic pattern from the same era. 


I often imagine that my thrift or Ebay purchases contain the spirit of the former owner, or, in the case of Guardians of the Hatbox, it contains a spirit that has evolved from being contained in the item for so long.  The Guardians held within the hatbox have had a mission that they take very seriously.   To protect the hat.  They have even gone so far as to take on the physical aspects of the hat itself.  The 1960s hat has the iconic 1960s Avedon photo of Twiggy with her faced-painted flower.  Looking at the faces of the guardians, you will see that they too have adopted the flower as their sacred totem.  

23" Long x 23" Wide x 20" Deep