Experiments with Technique

These abstract works represent my need to investigate new ways to manipulate textiles and explore my fascination with movement, color, and texture

Noisemaker - 2014

Noisemaker is an art quilt depicting a woman in a bright orange skirt, & blue hair and shoes.  She is holding an old noisemaking clicker from the 1940s.  The piece was made using the cutwork technique and quilting. The body was made out of drapery sheers that have been dipped in glue wash to stiffen, and the rest was cut-worked upholstery samples and quilted black fabric with yellow stitching.  The piece is suspended from a yellow pole.

68”L x 43” w

Fabric, wire, found object

Pedestrian Bondage - 2014

Pedestrian Bondage was designed as a woman’s bed complete with her normal day underwear cast about like she was alone.  The bed is on a 3” wooden platform.  The piece has quilted Quaker lace from a repurposed tablecloth, cut-worked drapery & upholstery samples, vintage shoelaces, vintage garter-belt findings, & pearl buttons.  The colors are ivories, whites, peach, & browns.  If you look closely, you will find the curve of a woman’s body that has been outlined in grommets & laced like a corset.  The underwear are from the 1950s.

56” long x 26” wide x 3” deep

fabric, buttons, underwear, wire, wallpaper, finials (on wood platform – 4” w)

Fluid Drive - 2014

Fluid Drive is a wall sculpture that was made using red and off-white leather shapes with textured fabric centers that have been wired and sewn together and then linked together with rusted transmission parts. The name Fluid Drive was taken from an advertisement for DeSoto automobiles in the 1940s in honor of the emblem that the piece hangs from, which is from a 1949 DeSoto truck.

Red & ivory leather sculpture (wired) w/transmissions parts & ’49 DeSoto truck emblem

14” w x 22” l

POP - 2014

POP! is a primary-colored fiber sculpture made from repurposed upholstery samples, silk, and thrift store shirt fabrics.  The piece is wired and has vintage soda caps with ball chain accents.

Primary colors wired sculpture w/bottle caps

27” w x 17” L x 6” deep

Blue Thing - 2014

Blue Thing is a wall sculpture that has interlocking cut-worked shapes made from upholstery samples and a thrift store beaded sweater that I repurposed.  The colors are blues, greens, black, and white.  The piece is wired and bent into a rollercoaster of texture that is attached to a transparent foundation for easy hanging.

20” Wide x 53” Long x 8” Deep