Artist Statement:

Life’s circumstances have forced me to exert a certain measure of control in my work and life. Reflecting upon my artistic process, I realize now the antagonistic elements of control and freedom. My skill with the technical aspects of fabric has given way to my interpretation of the subjective.  Growing up with needle and thread in hand, I respect the traditional approaches of fabric manipulation but can’t help rebelling against these rituals by developing my own unique style.

My work typically starts with an object, an old castoff, rejected when its use was determined obsolete.  Perhaps I find a kinship with discarded things, as I was never the favorite child. I live with this object until its spirit emerges and together we decide what its new life will be.  I am excited to find beauty hidden within old things, their patina brought about by dirt, oxidation, and neglect then to be reborn in ways that honor their history, yet celebrate their new existence.  

My work tends to be figurative but with abstract elements.  I strive for beauty, but can’t help sliding into humor and weirdness.  Like posing for a photograph and making a face instead of smiling.  Don’t want to ruin the picture, but just can’t follow the herd.  I am attracted and influenced by tattoos, graffiti, stencil street art, dance and any other art form that allows expression without convention.  I was always the weird kid.  Now I know why.